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CloudPayments payment gateway for Shopify

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Supported payment systems:

Implemented a connection scheme with the CloudKassir online check generation service.

To connect, you need to conclude an agreement with CloudPayments, install the Shopify app and enter the received settings.

To test the work, you can use test card data .

The following connection conditions apply (4800 rubles technical support per year for all options):

  1. Free connection - if you register a Shopify store and register with CloudPayments with our help ( fill out the form and send it to - must be done before registering with CloudPayments)
  2. Connection 8000 rubles - if you connect CloudPayments through us ( fill out the form and send it to - must be done before registering with CloudPayments)
  3. Connection 16000 rubles - in other cases

To get started you need:

  1. Contact CloudPayments to connect to the service.
  2. Install in Shopify store application for connecting to payment service (request a link to install the application at dev @ )
  3. Install in Shopify store Unversal Payments (TM) (installation is launched from the application)
  4. Request Activation at .
  5. Configure settings in your personal account CloudPayments .

Customization features:

  1. Setting in your personal account. If you need to connect Apple Pay, when registering a store, you must specify the address (forward slash at the end of the url is required).
     Shopify for CloudPayment payment gateway settings

    You need to specify the following links:

    Pay section:

    Fail Section:

    Apple Pay (only for websites) - select if the store address was specified

  2. Configuring the "CloudPayments" app in Shopify

    Password - come up with a password that will be used to check the correctness of the transmitted data from Shopify.

    Public ID and API Password - copy from CloudPayments personal account settings .

    Authentification type - a scheme for debiting money from the buyer's card. Two factor authentification: first, money is reserved on the card, debiting occurs at the next step after confirmation in the CloudPayments personal account. One factore authentification - money is immediately debited from the buyer's card.

    Widget design - option for displaying the CloudPayments widget for making a payment. (All operations with card data are performed on CloudPayments servers).

    Receipts - settings for generating online receipts through the CloudKassir service.

    Is srtict accountability - enable generation of online receipts.
     Configuring a payment gateway for Shopify

  3. Setting up a payment service in Shopify
    To install the program, use the CloudPayments application. You need to follow the link "Gateway installation URL". Then, in the Shopify Settings - Payments providers - Alternative payments section, select the “Unversal payments (TM) ".
     Configuring CloudPayments payment gateway for Shopify
  4. Check the correctness of the entered settings
     Configuring CloudPayments payment gateway for Shopify